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Welcome to Alil’s Toy Attic!  With my new series, I will be bringing you mini-reviews on toys and collectibles from my numerous toy hunts and my own collection.

My first review is of the Marvel Spider-Man Spawn of Symbiotes from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series toy line.  This toy line started out back in the early 2000’s as Spider-Man Classics toy line, and evolved into Marvel Legends with Toy Biz.  In 2007, Hasbro became the new license holder and continued to evolve the line.  The Marvel Legends line was then discontinued for a few years, but was evidently resurrected due to fan demand in 2012.  In 2013, at San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro announced that the line would now follow the release of Marvel movies and the appearances of Marvel characters in other movies.  This new version of the Legends line now also has a new tag and is called “Marvel Legends Infinite Series”.  This brings us now to the “Spawn of Symbiotes” figure.  This figure is a 6-inch articulated version of Carnage.


The other Spawn of Symbiotes figure available in the line is a variant/swap out figure of Toxin.  From the pictures, the Toxin variant looks like a straight re-paint of the Carnage figure, but I will review that after I am able to track it down.   The Carnage figure comes from the Marvel Spider-Man line.  The odd thing is that, yes – it is supposed to coincide with “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie, but is not marked that way on the package.  The packaging has the generic Spider-Man logo and not every figure in the series is related to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie.   The packaging on the Marvel Legends line has greatly changed and is more in-line with Hasbro’s Star Wars 6inch Black Series.  It has more of a box package that hangs on the peg and has more artwork on the side of the .package

carn3While we have had a Carnage figure in the past with Toy Biz on the Fearsome Foes of Spiderman box set, and in the regular Spider-Man toy line, this is the first individual one for Marvel Legends.  This figure is also part of the “Build A Figure Collection – Green Goblin” and comes with the Green Goblin’s head and flames.  More on the Green Goblin figure later if I am able to track down all the pieces to it.

carn5Now to the figure itself.  This is first Carnage done by Hasbro and I have to say is that I am very impressed with the figure itself.  The figure has some great articulation and color.  I think the red on this Carnage is much better than the Toy Biz versions, which were more black than the normal Carnage red.  I also like how the tentacles’ of the symbiote are molded to him, except for the back piece which is removable.  What steals the show for me is the face sculpt.

carn2While the rest of him is nice, and probably a lot of reuse parts from other Spider-Man figures, the head is just great.  He is classic Carnage with the mouth open and the big white eyes.  My only wish was that the jaw was a little articulated, but that might be asking Hasbro too much these days.  Overall, this is a great figure for any fan of action figures the Marvel line, or Spider-Man.

***This figure retails for $14.99 at most big box stores

*** At this time its a harder to find figure

*** I rate it a Tupperware all the way!!!!



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  • Rich says:

    Cool review. I came over from your Amazon review. I saw a few of these yesterday at Target and opted for that Firebug guy for my first figure. If the Carnage variant was there I woulda grabbed it as it offers more variety then the reviewed figure which is very similar to my ToyBiz and other Hasbro Carnage. The build-A-Goblin is going to be massive and awesome. I hope this (and the Captain America build-a-figure series show up in good numbers like last year’s build-an-IronMonger. Right now there’s a bit of a scalper frenzy (as there always is) when these just start hitting the pegs.

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