There was a podcast forged in Mount Doom in the black land of Mordor made to vanquish all other podcasts that got in it’s way of evil and tyranny.  One podcast to rule them all, one podcast to find them, one podcast to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.  For all of like 5, maybe 6 whole years it ruled the lands with an iron fist with no other podcasts to stand in it’s way.  Until one day a podcast rose to the challenge to cast the podcast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.  Pop Culture Leftovers is not that podcast.  
Every week Pop Culture Leftovers brings you the latest news in geek related movies, television and comic books.  We discuss them.   We review them.  We rate them.  We just don’t do it as well as the other podcasts.  It’s like if you had a rash but no money or health insurance but knew a guy that knew a guy who was once next door neighbors with a dermatologist and needed an opinion on said rash.  That’s us.



This is the homepage of the POP CULTURE LEFTOVERS PODCAST!  We are the “People’s Podcast”.  What that means is we want to hear from you.  Unlike other media outlets that voice their opinions we want yours!  Send us your articles where you review MOVIES, TV SHOWS, & COMIC BOOKS!  If we like it we’ll post it on our page!  And make sure to listen to our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!

Send those articles to brian@popcultureleftovers.com!!!

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14 comments on “Welcome
  1. Hey guys i been wanting to write for some time my name is Ernesto Navarro i try to be frequent on twitter just wanted to say i love the podcast and really couldn’t live without it i look forward to you guys every week i don’t have to many friends that i still talk to and i always feel like i’m there with you on every show keep making every episode as epic as the last if there was a podcast award you guys definitely deserve it i plan on making myself a popcultureleftovers shirt to let everybody know what to tune into every week sorry for the long email but i could have gone on forever if i don’t stop myself here thank you guys

  2. Hey guys, I just got done reading an amazing comic called Squarriors written by Ash Maczko and was wondering if you had read it and what you think of it? If not, it’s basically like Game of thrones meets Mad max meets Squirrels and is a must read. Hope to hear what you guys have to say about it. -XOXO Gabe Johnson

    • Gabe,

      Just looked up Squarriors’ website based on your recommendation (www.squarriors.com). This stuff is crazy! Rich artwork and a clever premise. Definitely beats out the infinite re-hashing and strip-mining of old ground that Marvel and DC are so constantly guilty of. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Just listened to this weeks podcast. When you were talking about the most obscure soundtracks you had ever purchased the first thing that popped into my head was one I picked up years ago called “Robotech Perfect Soundtrack Album.” It covers all three seasons. It will bring back those early 80’s memories and of course you will have to sing along with Minmei’s “We Will Win” while images of the 1st season climactic battle was won by earth!

  4. Hey guys just wanted to say awesome podcast!!! It gets me thought long days at work.It’s something to look forward to every week.Keep it up.

  5. Hey guys, I email frequently but I had not gotten the chance to leave a comment on the ol’ website! You guys make my Mondays worth living. Every week I eagerly wait for the next Pop Culture Leftovers episode, on Mondays I’m constantly checking my phone to see if the new episode is up! You all care about the Army so much and I know that you all have changed people lives, you’ve definitely changed mine. You always keep us updated on the latest news of everything pop culture and sometimes Flat Top Grill, but that is besides the point. You are a great group of guys putting out a mediocre podcast, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

  6. hey guy just got done watching the Force Awakens and i will tupperware it with you guys, but i do have a couple things that kinda bother me also. first one and this was really big to me, i dint get that same feeling watching it like i do when seeing ep.1-6. i dont know if its cause it doesnt have that lucas touch. the score wasnt on point also. i think jj did a great job with the visuals and the story was good that keeps you wanting more. kylo hands down a bad ass, just keep the mask on. jj did make me teary eye couple times with han and leia and when r2d2 finally fired up. cant wait for 8 and 9 now and more skywalker,

  7. Hey Leftovers,
    Great podcast! I Listen to old eps everyday while doing deliveries for work. I’m from Australia and have been listening for a month or so now.

    Love the reviews and banter. You totally sold me on the 1up box service.

    I think you need add a t-shirt saying I just listened to 2 hours of nonsensical crap to your range.

    Cheers and thanks for the laughs

  8. I’m listening to your Series of Unfortunate Events and other news podcast and you guys were all surprised about people not being excited for the Han Solo movie. I’m one of them and I’ll give an explanation. This is only my opinion but my reason for being a little upset about it is that there are so many other grand stories to tell like the war of mandalore which could bring us back to the times of the Jedi order and please anyone who grew up on the prequels or a magnificent 7 style movie with Boba Fett, Bossk. IG-88, 4-LOM, Dengar, and Zuckuss. I also feel like it sort of screws with Harrison Ford’s legacy as Han Solo. Other than that I mean its Star Wars… of course I’m excited

  9. That’s great. i dont no to say.This is just my opinion but my reason for being a bit sad about it is that there are so many other great stories to say as the war of the mandalore that can bring us back to the times. Great orders of the Jedi and please anyone who has grown up.

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